Jensen DUB Edition line of high-performance car audio amps,
speakers and subwoofers combines Jensen iconic audio technology
with the product design and global power of DUB Magazine.

DUB Magazine has earned the street credentials as the biggest automotive
lifestyle brand with its focus connecting products to the car culture of today.


The Jensen DUB Edition amps features robust MOSFET power supplies,continuously
variable high/low pass filters,variable bass boost for great system design flexibility.


The Jensen DUB Edition Speaker line features injection modeled polypropylene cones,
NBR (Rubber) Surround,and silk dome tweeters.The line includes the full range of
sizes to fit any vehicle.


Jensen DUB Edition subwoofers are built with a uniquely reinforced injection molded
polypropylene cone for optimum stiffness and maximum low frequency output.The
high damping rubber surround,bumped and vented pole piece,ceramic-ferrite magnet,
and a heavy duty stamped steel basket are designed to deliver big bass impact that
customer want today.

  • DUBw10 10" Subwoofer,Grille included!
  • DUBw12 12" Subwoofer,Grille included!