VX4012 Software

VX4012 Update Instructions

Download the file: VX4012.1001.zip

Note: Software is not interchangeable between models. This update is for the head unit OS only.

Items addressed with this update 4012.1001:

1. SWC updated to pre-defined PAC protocol. SWC learning capability disabled. A third-party SWC adapter must be used to interface the VX4012 to OE SWC functions such as the PAC SWI-RC (Recommended).
2. Bluetooth updated to v7.7.
3. Default Turn-On Volume is set to level 7 (Previously set to higher level and was too loud).

Preparing the MicroSD card

Note: MicroSD card should be formatted FAT32 before update procedure. Use a 4GB or 8GB MicroSD card.

Unzip/Uncompress the software update folder. Place the update files into the ROOT directory of a blank MicroSD card.

There should be no folders on the MicroSD card except the folder contained within the update files. See below image for reference.

example USB content

Beginning the Update

Note: When updating the unit, make certain that power is not interrupted while the update is in progress. If power is lost or interrupted the unit may become inoperable. Also, before starting the update, turn-off Demo Mode in the “Settings Menu” (Go to the Settings Menu > General > Demo Mode > OFF).

  1. Insert the MicroSD card with the update files into the MicroSD card slot.
  2. Power the unit ON.
  3. The update process will begin automatically upon power up.
  4. After a few moments, a TFT calibration screen will display on the TFT.
  5. Press and hold the “cross hair” with your index finger until it moves to the next calibration sector.
  6. After you press and hold top right-hand corner for calibration, the screen will ask you to “tap” the TFT again to save the settings. Tap the TFT.
  7. After the next update section, a display prompt will ask you to remove the MicroSD card. Remove the card.
  8. The update will continue and the unit will reboot.
  9. Go to the Settings Menu > Version. Check the version installed with the below parameters in ensure the update was successful.

Software Version Verification

Model: VX4012
MCU: v3.44 Aug 24 2015
MPEG: 01140522
SERV: 9b150060
BT: 7.7
MPU: 601.166.v1.23_150824
OS: v2.03-07-10 2015-07-13

Updates are now complete.

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