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Jensen mobile audio is committed to developing innovative products that elevate the consumer automotive experience. Innovation has been a hallmark of Jensen since the company’s inception in 1915 when Peter Jensen and his associate Edwin Pridham invented the loudspeaker, naming it the “Magnavox”. Although Peter Jensen left the company to found Jensen Radio Manufacturing in 1925, Jensen mobile went on to become a pioneer of in-car audio and video technology developing multimedia receivers and amplifiers to work in concert with their robust speaker assortment. This commitment to emerging technologies remains true today with a focus on developing innovative ways to improve the safety, accessibility, and convenience of in-car entertainment.

In 2015, Namsung America added Jensen mobile audio to their robust mobile and consumer electronics product lines. Headquartered in Heathrow, Florida Namsung America is the U.S. based subsidiary of Namsung Corporation. Founded in 1965, Namsung is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and is a public company listed on the Korean Stock Exchange. With over a half century building and distributing cutting edge electronics products, Namsung Corporation and Namsung America will continue to deliver revolutionary Jensen mobile audio and video solutions for consumers utilizing the latest technologies in the rapidly advancing digital age.

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