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Jensen Amp Series

  • The new Jensen JA series amplifiers leverage 90+ years of audio excellence combined with modern smartphone technology to deliver the high-quality sound you require with the convenience and usability you seek.
control amp from your smart phone

App Control

Easy Access

Say goodbye to crawling in the trunk to adjust your amp. The new Jensen Amp app allows you to dial in your amp’s settings from a smartphone anywhere or near the car. You don’t listen to music in the trunk, why tune your audio from back there?

Adjustment Options

Adjustment options are perfect for the seasoned audiophile and those new to the hobby. Take advantage of the built in EQ presets for great sound right out of the box or try your hand at custom tuning with detailed frequency, volume, and gain controls.

More than audio

In addition to customizing the audio options, the app also lets you choose RGB illumination options. Match the amp colors to your car interior or change colors on the fly to match your mood. The easy-to-see color wheel makes it simple to choose the prefect shade.

ja2b app with amplifier

Built Without Compromise

Small Size, Big Sound

The Class-D amplifier design provides nearly double the efficiency of analog class AB amplifiers in a much smaller footprint. This lets you install them in very small spaces and to leaves trunk space for that road trip cooler or suitcase.


  • JA1B : 2.16″ h x 9.56″ w x 5.59″ d
  • JA4B : 2.16″ h x 8.38″ w x 5.59″ d
  • JA2B : 2.16″ h x 6.57″ w x 5.59″ d

Intuitive Side Panel Design

Clear labels make it easy to understand all side panel inputs, outputs, and connections for a faster installation.

amplifier side view
specialized amp technology

Micro Circuitry

Modern micro circuitry enables the amplifiers to provide powerful sound in a super-small footprint.

Real Power, Trusted

The Jensen JA amplifiers are the first amps on the market to have third-party tested and approval to meet the updated CTA-2006-D specifications.

cta 12v amplified power

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