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Control Key Phone Features from Your Dash

  • With support for both wireless and wired Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ you can control key phone features via voice-control or directly from the touchscreens of select Jensen receivers.
  • These features are designed for ease of use. Simply connect a compatible phone to the receiver wirelessly or via USB and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto will launch upon connection.
  • Significantly reduce the chance of driver distraction on the road by using your car receiver instead of your phone!
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Need help finding your way? Use Siri or the Google Assistant to request turn-by-turn directions, with the option to search by address or by points of interest. Apple Maps (iPhone) or Google Maps (Android) will be mirrored on the receiver’s screen, including traffic information and estimated time to destination. Know where you’re going by accessing your maps through your receiver.

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Can’t afford to step away from your messages? Ask Siri or the Google Assistant to send, read, and reply to texts. This hands-free operation minimizes distraction and allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. The safer and easier way to text.

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Liven up your drive with your favorite musical picks! Access music and display artist and track information directly through the receiver’s touchscreen and via Siri or the Google Assistant. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto both support audio from various music and podcasting apps for a more flexible listening experience. Enjoy all your favorite songs on the road.

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Manage all your calls without reaching for your phone! Use Siri or the Google Assistant to make calls, return missed calls, listen to voicemail messages, and view the caller ID on the receiver’s screen. Conversations on the go have never been easier.

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