General Information

Yellow or Red wire not connected or incorrect voltage
Check connections for proper volatge (11-16VDC)
Black wire not connected – Check connection for ground.
Fuse blown – Replace fuse with proper size fuse

One or more speakers wires may be touching each other or touching chassis ground
Insulate all bare speakers wires from each other and chassis ground

Yellow or Red wire touching chassis ground – Check for pinched wire
Speaker wires touching chassic ground – Check for pinched wire.
Incorrect fuse rating – Replace fuse with correct rating

Parking brake safety circuit not connected – Check connections at parking brake
Parking brake not applied – Apply parking brake

Reverse circuit not connected – Check connections at reverse lamp
Rear view is set to OFF – Set rear view to ON.

Dead battery in remote control – Replace battery

Unit is not mounted properly – Check mounting sleeve and or dash kit
Physical defect in media – Check media for scratches

Focus error or disc is in upside down – Eject disc or RESET radio)

In some cases aftermarket adapters will be required for installation for retaining factory amplifiers and other factory applications such as steering wheel controls and communications.


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