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6.2″ CD/DVD Receiver with Built-In Bluetooth – VX3022

6.2″ Touch Screen
CD/DVD Player
Built-in Bluetooth®
Pandora App Control
USB And AV Inputs

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Your large 6.2 inch LCD TFT High Resolution Touch Screen
display provides a comfortable viewing experience while keeping all your favorite content within fingers reach.

Built-In Bluetooth, CD/DVD Player & USB Port

When designing your Jensen double DIN car stereo we made sure you would easily be able to pair with the vast majority of Bluetooth devices allowing you to make and receive all your calls Hands Free.

The numerous built-in features of your car stereo ensures that you can always listen and/or watch whatever you prefer while on the road.

Music Streaming & Movie Playing

No receiver is complete without music streaming. Your Jensen VX3022 allows you to view & control your SiriusXM, Pandora, iHeartRadio & Spotify apps from the home screen and also allows you to wirelessly stream music from your Apple & Android devices.

In addition, you will be able to play your favorite movies via your built-in DVD Player converting your vehicle into an entertainment destination.

Built for the Road Ahead

This double DIN head unit comes packed with features that will make any drive more enjoyable. Each unit comes with a detailed instruction manual that will help you get setup and ready to go in no time. However, we do suggest professional installation to prevent any issues with your new Jensen car stereo.

We made sure that at the time of installation you had everything you needed for a smooth upgrade. All Jensen car stereos come with all the necessary hardware required to install them properly in your car.

Steering Wheel Control Interface

When designing your Jensen VX3022 double DIN car stereo we made sure to add features that improve your driving experience. The steering wheel control interface will allow you to control certain functions of your car stereo through the steering wheel so that you can always have your eyes on the road ahead.

Your Entertainment Destination

The HDMI/MHL connectivity allows you to connect your Bluetooth device wirelessly and mirror its content on the large 6.2 inch LCD TFT display. You can now watch and listen to your favorite movies from your large 6.2 inch car stereo display giving you a full movie experience.

When we designed this double DIN car stereo we imagined all the features that would make a great driving experience. So we decided to go ahead and create multiple inputs at the front of your receiver such as the CD/DVD Player, USB & 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack that would allow you to stream and/or play music from your Apple, Android & Media devices.

We took it a step further and added A2DP music playback, AM/FM stations and you can now charge your device using the USB port. The 10 Band Customizable EQs tuning capability allows you to always have complete control over your music experience.

Hands Free Driving Experience

Tackle the open road with confidence with your Hands Free System that will allow you to manage all your calls without having to worry about your phone. You will now be able to receive and make calls without having to touch your phone and be able to concentrate on the things that matter the most.

Built for the Road Ahead.

  • App Connectivity for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry – Users Can Connect via Bluetooth to Stream, Control and Enjoy Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Spotify and more
  • Hands Free, Phone Book Access, Music Streaming and Audio Controls for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry
  • Make / Answer Hands Free Calls
  • A2DP – Music Playback for Android, Apple Devices and other Smart
  • Phones
  • 2.1 Amp USB charging capability
  • 2VRMS RCA Line Output
  • Front Panel USB – Play-back Music / Video files via Portable Hard
  • Drives / USB Sticks
  • Steering Wheel Control Interface – Compatible with PAC / Metra Third-party SWC Interface Modules (Sold Separately)
  • Front Panel 3.5mm Audio / Video Input


Manuals & More



VX3022 Update Instructions
Download the file:

Note: Software is not interchangeable between models. This update is for the head unit OS only.

  • Items addressed with this update 3022.1001:
    SWC updated to pre-defined PAC protocol. SWC learning capability disabled. A third-party SWC adapter must be used to interface the VX3022 to OE SWC functions such as the PAC SWI-RC (Recommended).
  • Default Turn-On Volume is set to level 7 (Previously set to higher level and was too loud).

Updating via USB Stick
Unzip/Uncompress the software update folder. Place the eight update files into the ROOT directory of the USB stick. See below image for reference.

Note: When updating the unit, make certain that power is not interrupted while the update is in progress. If power is lost or interrupted the unit may become inoperable. Also, before starting the update, turn-off Demo Mode in the Main Settings Menu.

Note: This VX3022 update contains MPEG, MCU and TFT software.

Power up the unit and insert the USB drive into the front USB port.

  1. After a few moments a menu will pop up and look like the following example: UPGRADE SYSTEM [MPEG TFT MCU]
  2. Press TFT Upgrade and another page will be displayed. Press “Upgrade” and the TFT update will begin. “TFT Erasing” will be shown on the display and you will see a progress bar indicating the process percentage.
  3. After the erase procedure, “TFT Upgrading” will be shown on the display and you will see a progress bar indicating the process percentage.
  4. After the TFT update, the unit will reboot and go to the Radio source (All settings will have been reset to factory default).
  5. Go to the Main Source Menu and select USB. A menu will pop up and display the Upgrade System Menu.
  6. Press MPEG and the update will begin. Upgrading MPEG will be shown on the display. If you do not press MPEG to begin the update, the update will automatically begin in 30 ~ 60 seconds. When the update is in process, do not remove the USB drive or attempt to turn OFF the unit. If the update begins automatically, let the update complete. Do not interrupt the update process.
  7. After the MPEG update, the unit will return to the Upgrade System Menu.
  8. Press MCU Upgrade and another page will be displayed. Press “Upgrade” and the MCU update will begin. Upgrading MCU will be shown on the display and you will see a progress bar showing the process percentage.
  9. After the MCU update, the unit will reboot and go to the Radio source (All settings will have been reset to factory default).
  10. Remove the USB drive.
  11. Go to the Settings Menu > DVD Tab > Version Info > Enter >
  12. Verify below software version:
    Software Version Verification
    MPEG Version: v0.78
    MPEG Date: 150227
    MCU Version: v0.80
    MCU Date: 20150703
    TFT Version: v000.018

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