VX3014 Software

VX3014 Update Instructions

Download the file: VX3014.1001.zip

Note: Software is not interchangeable between models. This update is for the head unit OS only.

Items addressed with this update 3014.1001:

1. Compatibility with some USB flash memory drives.
2. Compatibility with some CD-RW's when burned.
3. Pandora relative volume level was not working correctly.
4. EQ updated with +/- adjustment softkeys.

Updating via USB Stick

Unzip/Uncompress the software update folder. Place the two update files into the ROOT directory of the USB stick. See below image for reference.

example USB content

Note: When updating the unit, make certain that power is not interrupted while the update is in progress. If power is lost or interrupted the unit may become inoperable. Also, before starting the update, turn-off Demo Mode in the Main Settings Menu.

Note: This VX3014 update contains MPEG and MCU software.

Power up the unit and insert the USB drive into the front USB port.

  1. After a few moments a menu will pop up and look like the following example:

    MPEG         MCU

  2. Press MPEG and the update will begin. Upgrading MPEG will be shown on the display. If you do not press MPEG to begin the update, the update will automatically begin in 30 ~ 60 seconds. When the update is in process, do not remove the USB drive or attempt to turn OFF the unit. If the update begins automatically, let the update complete. Do not interrupt the update process.
  3. After the MPEG update, the unit will return to the Upgrade System Menu.
  4. Press MCU Upgrade and another page will be displayed. Press “Upgrade” and the MCU update will begin. Upgrading MCU will be shown on the display and you will see a progress bar showing the process percentage.
  5. After the MCU update, the unit will reboot and go to the Radio source (All settings will have been reset to factory default).
  6. Remove the USB drive.
  7. Go to the Settings Menu > Video Tab > Version Info > Enter >
  8. Verify below software version:

Software Version Verification

MPEG Version: v0.27-20160428
MCU Version: v0.57-20160303

Updates are now complete.

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