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Screen Mirroring Wi-Fi HDMI Dongle – DMH25J

Plugs Into The HDMI Input
Communicates Via Wifi Direct (2.4ghz)
Supports Up To 1080p Video Streaming
Works With Most Apple And Android Devices

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Dual Mirror Technology

When designing this product we made sure that it would allow you to bridge the visual divide between your device and screen instantly and wirelessly.

Universal Connectors

We made sure we covered all of our bases so our WiFi Dongle will connect with both HDMI & USB connectors and the cables already come included inside.

Apple & Android Devices

The compatibility software in your wireless USB network adapter ensures that you will be able to connect seamlessly with the vast majority of Apple & Android devices.

Free Downloadable Firmware Updates

Always Stay Connected

Here at Jensen we are constantly pushing the envelope on creating efficient and long lasting products; the DMH25 is no exception. To make sure you are always connected when it matters the most we included Free Downloadable Firmware Updates that will allow you to always have the most up to date features on your device.

You can visit our Dual website in order to obtain the latest and most up to date Firmware version.

Bridge the Gap

There is no reason to keep watching your favorite shows or movies on a small screen. Your multimedia wireless HDMI Wi-Fi dongle bridges the gap between your device and a larger screen. With its seamless installation you will be able to pair your device on a larger screen within seconds and enjoy for hours on end.

Compact, Resilient & Wide Range of Support

When engineering this HDMI wifi dongle we took into account weight and volume to make sure it weighs and takes up as little space as possible but still delivers big results.

Your wifi dongle supports Miracast, Airplay, Airplay Mirroring & DLNA for compatibility with the vast majority of portable devices. With Android Devices you will be able to (mirror, stream and control) while on Apple devices you are able to (mirror and stream).

1080p Video Output

The adaptability of your wifi dongle is limitless. It will work with many car receivers, TV’s and other video monitors while supporting 1080p video output for high definition viewing.

Viewing your favorite shows and movies will never be the same.

  • The dongle plugs into the HDMI and USB inputs on the back of the compatible in-car receiver
  • Supports up to 1080p video streaming
  • The dongle communicates with a smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)
  • Works with most Apple and Android devices
  • Compatible with Miracast, Airplay, Airplay Mirroring

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