Understanding Certified Android Auto Receivers

Android Auto is a mobile app developed by Google that allows users to access their Android phone’s apps and functions via their car’s infotainment system while driving. To use Android Auto, you need a compatible car with a touchscreen display and a compatible Android phone with the Android Auto app installed. Once you connect your phone to the car’s receiver , either wirelessly or via USB , the Android Auto interface will appear on the car’s display, allowing you to conveniently use several of your phone’s apps and features. However, it is important to make sure your car’s receiver is Android Auto certified before using or purchasing.

What does it mean to be Android Auto certified?

Google’s Android Auto certification program ensures that Android Auto-compatible devices and cars meet certain technical and functional requirements. To become certified, an Android Auto-compatible device or car must meet several conditions. These include having minimum screen resolutions and sizes, supporting certain audio and messaging standards, and providing a safe driving experience.

Once a device or car is certified, it can display the Android Auto logo, indicating that it has passed Google’s rigorous testing process and is guaranteed to work seamlessly with the app. This assures users that they can safely and easily use their Android phone apps and features while driving.

Why choose a certified Android Auto receiver?

It is important for your car stereo to be Android Auto certified for many reasons:


Android Auto makes it safer and easier to access your phone’s apps and features while driving. You can listen to music, send messages, and navigate to destinations without taking your eyes off the road.

Software Updates:

Android Auto certification ensures that your car stereo will continue to work with future versions of the Android operating system and the Android Auto app, even as they evolve and change over time.


Android Auto certification guarantees your stereo is fully compatible with the app and can provide a seamless user experience. This means you can be confident that your phone will connect to your car stereo and work properly every time.

Uncertified Android Auto products tend to damage users’ phones and require additional support from the phone manufacturer to fix them. Certified products have gone through extensive testing and certification processes to ensure their reliability and performance.

How do you know if a car stereo is Android Auto certified?

To know if a receiver is Android Auto certified, you can check the manufacturer’s website, product packaging, or user manual for the Android Auto logo. The logo indicates that the receiver has been tested and certified by Google to be fully compatible with Android Auto.

There are many products, typically sold online, that list Android Auto compatibility, but unless they have the official logo, they haven’t been tested and approved by Google. It is best to stick with brands that you have heard of to guarantee compatibility, like the products from Kenwood, Pioneer, Sony, Jensen, Alpine, JVC and Dual Electronics.
Additionally, you can check the product specifications for the receiver to see if it is compatible with Android Auto. The receiver should have a USB port that is labeled for use with Android Auto (and typically Apple CarPlay), and it should be compatible with the latest version of the Android operating system. If connection takes longer than a few seconds after the initial setup, it could be a red flag.
Keep in mind that Android Auto capability may vary based on your car’s make, model, and year, as well as geographic region and the version of Android currently running on your phone. If your car’s receiver doesn’t have built-in Android Auto support, consider investing in an Android Auto certified aftermarket system.