A Guide to Large Screen Receivers

These days, many car stereos come with touchscreen displays the size of tablets. There are several benefits to having a large touchscreen on your dash, including a sleeker look, easier source selection, and better viewability of your screen while driving. If you’re considering a car stereo upgrade and are interested in a big touchscreen display, here is a quick guide to large screen receivers.

Will a large screen receiver fit my car?

Fortunately, several large screen car stereos will fit dash openings that couldn’t previously accommodate touchscreen receivers. You’ll first need to identify your DIN-size, or the size of your stereo’s structural framework. Most cars have either single-DIN or double-DIN factory stereos and will accept one or both sizes depending on the make and model. It may help to use a vehicle selector tool to see what works best with your car.  

When it comes to basic functions like sound controls and power, single-DIN and double-DIN stereos are very similar overall. In the past, the biggest difference came into play when shopping for touchscreen receivers as most of them were double-DIN. Now, there are several single-DIN touchscreen options, so you can utilize all the features of a large screen receiver regardless of your car’s DIN-size.

Is a floating touchscreen display right for me?

Since the display of most large touchscreen receivers appear to “float” in front of your dash, you’ll want to evaluate the layout of the air vents and controls surrounding your radio. All dash layouts are different, so make sure you know how much room you have to comfortably install a large touchscreen without making your driving experience awkward or blocking cabin flow. Several receivers offer adjustability so you can change the angle, height, and depth of the display to perfectly fit your dash during installation. Note that it may not be easy to adjust once everything is connected, so think about the layout as it’s being installed. Print out your radio’s fit guide and test it in the car before installation. For Jensen radios, download the fit guides on the individual product pages.

What are the benefits of having a large screen receiver?

As mentioned above, there are many advantages to having a touchscreen car stereo, starting with accessibility and visibility. A bigger, more colorful display will be easier to see while driving and provide quicker access to source selection from the screen. Touchscreen receivers also come with better integrations, including backup camera inputs, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which allows you to use your favorite phone apps directly on your dash. Overall, a touchscreen multimedia receiver will simply have more features to offer than a basic Bluetooth head unit.